Volume 11 Marketing | Meet Your Executive Team
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Meet Your Executive Team


Erik Diedrichsen


Over 15 years of experience in the trade show industry. In 2008, he decided to start Volume 11. Not surprisingly, many of the clients that he managed while previously
employed sought him out so they could continue to work together. In his off hours, you will likely find him working on his ’65 Chevy convertible, jogging or acting incredibly goofy with his two young daughters.


Rich Hutchings

Sr. Graphic Designer

17 years of professional graphic design experience, and advanced Adobe Creative Suite certifications. Nothing matches his creativity and bigger-than-life personality. His free time is mostly filled spending his time with his infant daughter and wife, or enjoying a nice Sunday of football.


Dave Matys

Senior 3D Designer

Over 25 years of proven success in the industry, and a keen eye and ear for what companies are looking for. Dave has a perfect combination of experience, talent and professionalism. When not found in front of his computer, and being an enthusiastic health nut, he’s often found outside riding his bike, enjoying nature
and his beautiful family.